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Sowing into Sand and other total rubbish

Gardening for climate change

Behold  an early morning  cluster of horti types  drawn together by Garden Masterclass and the redoubtable Annie Gilfoyle.  We are here  to look at an experimental garden - the making of ... read more

Beth Chatto Symposium

Canaries in the coal mine

Gardeners have become the canaries in the coal mine.  Out of the potting shed and into the path of lava flow.  The pace and effect of climate change has settled squarely  ... read more

Planning for the Future


    Where? In the Moat of the Tower of London.  The big old mown lawn has been covered in 10,000 metric tonnes of low nutrient, free draining soil.  Contoured on top of ... read more

Eyeballing the black vanilla orchid:

Walking in the high Alps

Peering at and through plants with an insect eye is the top trick of the photography in Henk Gerritson’s Essay on Gardening.  It is an  ... read more

Stealing a few radishes

off the farmers' plate

    I had a lightbulb moment at an an agricultural show last week.  It was at Groundswell, set up as a call to action for  Regenerative Farming.  ... read more

Sneaking Round the City

Look at these Gardens

I  hooked up with  BrookeTurner Tours for an explore of  the gardens and green spaces of the City of London.  The historical layers were deftly  unzipped:  back ... read more

Walking staycation from

North to South Downs

Masked up and socially distanced Evensong in Canterbury Cathedral was followed by a blessing from a bearded canon on the spot that once housed Thomas A Beckett’s shrine.   The beginning of ... read more

Seasonal plant allure from

Beth Chatto Gardens

Nothing can beat an outing with a new  customer to look at a garden.  It’s the best way to get their bounce-off  reaction to planting combinations and their sense of delight ... read more

Two castles: two gardens:

a view or two

The double tall beeches make a tunnel along which the visitor travels on the top of a levee above the surrounding landscape.  This is  the driveway to Drummond ... read more