The World’s Best Nurseries Series No 2.

I have never been to Avon Bulbs in person.  Once a year in autumn, a parcel arrives with contents looking like an upmarket take-away.  Whispery paper bags with a twist and drizzle of shredded paper. Inside, the  new bulbs, salivated over previously on their stand at Chelsea.  Or in the Avon Bulbs catalogue.

The owner, Chris Ireland-Jones has a fine eye for  stunning plants and  (a recent outbreak this) an addiction to musical puns.     His stand at Chelsea in the big marquee is always worth making a bee-line for.

As a designer, I don’t shop here for bulk carpet bomb plantings but for the new, exotic or enticing to trial at home.   This years’s list includes a brick red imperial fritillary, the huge blue hat of Scilla peruviana and a blue tassle of a bulb, Triteleia laxa corina.


  1. Nick Mann says:

    Lovely people, local to us in Somerset. A proper nursery.

  2. Edith Hope says:

    Dear Catherine, It is so good to publicise these marvellous nurseries that deserve our full support.

  3. Eszter says:

    Dear Catharien, one of the most exciting things in autumn is the bulbs – especially fritillaries! It’s always some kind of refrazing the garden that needs patience to show the result.

  4. Donna says:

    Gorgeous. Great bulb combos.

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