Radicchio rage

I am having problems with my radicchio – or are they radicchi when they grow in a small flock like this?  Some monster has blasted through the garden shed and stolen all my seed packets and labels so I am relying on my memory.  Pretty sure that I

sowed R. di Treviso but it remains green with only a few cochineal spit-spots on the leaves.  Hoping for a colour-flavour miracle once the temperature drops.  However please not  too soon because these courgettes with magnificent dog-dwarfing leaves have

only just started to come into flower. Ditto the gherkins.  All sowed on the 8th of July, neglected one week in August and prayed over ever since.

Roll on a vast crop of patty pans and gherkins enough to bottle for Christmas.  However I did hear Bob Flowerdew telling people to rip out their courgette plants. Seriously I am one step behind on the gardening front.