Pattern of the DAY

We did end up buying a carpet on the recent Syrian trip.  Or it might be a rug or a kelim.  I know that quantity of knots per square inch are the acid test.  Any way here it is, a  lovely object from Tabriz in Iran. The man on the right is the carpet seller.   He is to be found near Bab Tooma gate in Old Damascus, somewhat off the beaten track.

We brought the carpet home and stretched it out on the floor, played a light across it and admired the colours, overall pattern and shape.  Next time I went upstairs I had a long hard look at it.  What had completely passsed us by was the detail within the pattern.  The carpet weaver had used the rich fabric and luminous colours to unleash a menagerie of animals.

We had not noticed any beasts at all.  But when you looked hard The dromedaries and camels were pretty obvious as were the plethora of flying birds.  Each stare unleashes more animals:  antelopes, fish, frogs, rabbits and today a  family of rats.  See what I mean below.  Fish and snakes, amongst other livestock.


  1. Donna says:

    Handmade carpets are so luxurious. The colors and weave is what first draws, but I especially love the feel of the carpets under foot. I know what you mean about seeing it new when you got it home. So much detail comes to life.

  2. ~fer says:

    beautiful carpet! beautiful colors and patterns
    Are those crabs on top of the fish?

  3. radha says:

    Lovely carpet. Yes, a lot of work is involved in weaving of a carpet and you get such lovely designs.

  4. Todd says:

    Love the look of your new carpet. Love the design. As one who knits, I appreciate the time and effort that must have taken as well! Like your blog as well!

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