Owlish horror this weekend

At the last tree, the dog came off the lead.  Imnediately  she retrieved live to hand.   A small thing with  big eyes. A baby owl.  I picked it up.  Smaller in my hands than the puffed up feathers would have you believe.

Our house is just up the track.  Fetched it back to a box filled with hay.  Left the owl quiet and phoned round for advice.  Owl sanctuary and RSPB in tandem.  It must go back to the nest.

The oak tree has a lightening blasted top with a hollow.  A perfect place for an owl rearing.  The husband climbs trees, I don’t.  The owl-let and he clambered up.  He reached in and found the savaged remains of its sibling. Wing and head were all that a greedy crow had left.  He cleared the remains and put the baby back in.  Easy to see why it jumped the first time.


  1. Alice Joyce says:

    An amazing image.
    Of all the baby birds I’ve seen, this one makes me melt!
    Really precious….

  2. hazeltree says:

    so vulnerable…lets hope it has a second chance of growing up…

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