Oh No what has happened to my daffodils?

What I have pictured here is a seriously naff daff which has arrived unbidden in our garden.

We had, alas, to bury our beloved dog on December 2nd last year and cheered ourselves up by the choosing and planting of a beautiful form of daffodil on her grave.

The choice was Narcissus  Mrs RO Backhouse, a traditional shaped daffodil with a salmon pink tinge to the trumpet.  It is a truly lovely flower.  But  instead of this, the imposter opposite has just burst into loud poached egg flowering.  Hmmmmm not quite sure how I will deal with the wholesaler.  Luckily I only ordered 300 but I am not looking forward to grubbing the offending bulbs out over my dog’s dead body

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  1. Josa says:

    I really like it! I think I must have vulgar tasted. It looks like a narcissus on acid.

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