Monthly black list

I am almost heading for the weird and wild lands with the genus Arisaema, known as Cobra lilies.   They are such strange plants, but now that I have joined the Blotanical network,  no doubt someone will post me with the message that the cat scratches its back on them by the kitchen door.

The one pictured here is listed as Arisaema amurense, if I can trust what is scribbled down in my notebook.  Jacques Armand are specialist growers of these unusual bulbs. Black. stripey, sinister, snakey – there is one for every mood.

Under-storey  plants from the Himalayas, they need warmth and moisture, must be kept out of direct sun and will sulk in heavy clay.   All that apart, ideal  plants and a must for the woodland garden.


  1. Autumn Belle says:

    This flower is certainly wierd and wild. Black itself is a very unusual colour for a flower. Anyway, this flower is likeable!

  2. Lona says:

    Hi Catharine. That is a very unusual looking Cobra lily. I think Jack in the Pulpits are unusual looking anyway but this black colored or very deep burgundy is very interesting. I wonder if it would be hard to see in a shady garden setting.

  3. Helen says:

    I have recently discovered Arisema – I have some that I have grown from seed from Jungle Plants. They germinated fairly easily, worth a go

  4. PatioPatch says:

    A stunning lily but I think my woodland would be too dry for it 🙁

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