Modern Technology? Get me out of here.

Utterly spangled and bedangled I am by trying to get up to date with my techno-efficiency.  It’s January init?  For once,  a post quite alien to green fingers prone to frostbite. As for  spades and forks, the icecap is tine-denting.

Just listen  to this:  WYHDHY867ATY.  Try saying it  out loud very fast and with ritmo.  Toothbrushing pace and rhythm might do the trick.  Technorati have ordered me to put this into a post.  To prove I am real.  For those of you who do not know them, they are  a search engine dedicated to blogs.  By now  a half day, easily, has gone on trying to sign in, change passwords, claim a blog (ie tell them about mine).  Am jumping through hooplalas.

But the troubles began with IPhoto and there is no nice website out there wanting an exchange over toothbrushing tunes.  Just forums which I have trawled.  And learnt that I am a fool to have stored all my images (why are they no longer called photos?) in this piece of software.  Silly me – some monster has been in and gobbled up a goodly percentage of them.  Worse still a ghostly remnant is there which cannot be exported or otherwise got at.  I decided to treat this as a dispassionate and swingeing editing job.

And spent half the night rescuing out the rest with a new filing system of monumental fascist proportions.  Into Dropbox I popped all sorts of horticultural categories, and personal stuff modestly labelled and filed under “Dogs”.

This morning:  gone.  The “Dogs”,  that is.  And I had deleted the originals in an attempt at tidy housekeeping.  My eyes are going square with  staring at the screen and my tongue gone dry with grappling with a new vocab. Synching images eh?  Just right now I have fallen prey to my site’s robots txts………..

By the way the  photo at the top is a window for no-clambering-out-of from the harem in the Topkapi palace.  The wrong button has just been clicked  and that makes me fear I will be back in no time at all with more arcane codegobblespeak. Dang and blast.



  1. debsgarden says:

    I have thought to join technorati, but for a non techno savvy person like me it seems daunting. Is it worth the trouble? I also have all my images stored in iPhoto, which I love.The thought of losing my photos is horrifying. I hope you soon get your problems worked out!

  2. Oh dear, I’m glad there is someone else out there like me! I’m fine as long as everything else is fine, if not ,I call my son and leave to him to sort out, thank goodnes for children! Hope you soon get everything sorted out once more.

  3. Alistair says:

    Katharine, I know what you mean, and we have widgets, tiny mice,seo, and all that stuff I am trying to get my head around. I cant really figure out the photo stealing though. If a picture disappears from my blog I always find its because I have deleted it from the library area. I thought that on these photo storage sites the worst that could be done was someone copying some of your images, cant understand how they can steal, although I have heard of it before.

  4. Holly says:

    Technorati is a horrible website from a usability viewpoint. Because of this a lot less people are using it these days so don’t sweat not being able to get a handle on it!

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