Mellow Yellow

Am I alone in finding last week’s radio rant  about daffodils in the countryside  just a little bit wierd?  Setting off for work, enjoyment fought with a sense of guilt as I drove past the splash of yellow breaking out down drives, by bus-stops and beside village greens.

We have just clamboured out of the greyest and coldest of winters and months of utter monohrome.  Even the greeness has been sapped out of grass and skies have been the underbelly of the toad for months on end.

Yellow – heralded first by the aconites and winter jasmine – is the colour to grab the attention of the first pollinating insects.

Where the daffodils have led the way, there are a whole host of plants waiting to take over.  Pictured today the double flowered Kerria – Kerria japonica ‘Pleniflora’