In praise of with animal chorus

pigs back
on the pigs back

As a self-confessed techno-phobe and luddite, I feel I am on the pig’s back with lovely It’s the website for people blogging about gardens all over the world.

Can’t quite think why this new hobby of blogging came upon me.  Computers? URLS? RSS feeds?  All a dense fuzz in the brain’s recesses.  I give you the example of my own website.  The server is down, but am sheepish and have no idea where to go to solve the problem.  Yellow pages?  church?  tennis court even springs to mind.  Perhaps if I broadcast my problem someone out there will help me.

And so to people, starting the blog was a whim, a thing of the moment but now St Vitus’ dance is upon me, no bullshit, can’t stop.    But this brings me to 2 things.  One is the gardening community of  Grower Jim, for instance keeps me posted with fabulous photos of spiral ginger plants.  And Jim Groble in New

I am sheepish

Hampshire has – would you believe it –  hummingbirds in his garden.  I am entranced to learn, read other peoples’ whimsy, look at pictures of their chickens and cats.  You get chat back, advice horticultural, new ideas for food and growing.  Who needs the Sunday newspapers any more?

One definite downside to the blogging has reared its head.  The dreadful reversion to the childish love of punning.  Thought I had grown out of this foible years ago.  Just this once though and to cheer myself over the fallen website, I unleash an animal menagerie upon any reader.  Apologies in advance to any who have already seen them on my twitter feed.  MUST learn not to put the horse before the cart.

…..I promise never to do this again as it may well get your goat.   All photos taken at this year’s Suffolk Show… except the goat, to be found in Syria.



put the horse before the cart
the horse before the cart
get your goat
get your goat


  1. Edith Hope says:

    Dear Catherine, Yes indeed, Blotanical, blogging and the entire Blogosphere is infinite in its variety, inspiration and fun. If only someone could invent the 25th hour in the day….

  2. It is very addicting to blog and read blogs. I could sit and do it all day, but then I wouldn’t have a garden to blog about anymore. Enjoyed your post, made me laugh! Also, thanks for your nice comment on my blog.

  3. Can you translate ‘pig’s back’ for me?
    Would you be the Catharine, with your Suffolk gold, who left a comment on my blog? If yes, I can’t click thru to your blog from the comment you left.

  4. PatioPatch says:

    Catharine you are witty and ingenious – now you’ll get a red star for mentioning Blotanical – if you can catch Stuart on his hols.

    Laura x

    p.s. whoever is hosting your webiste should be letting you know why its down and what they are doing to right it. If email is too techie, try carrier pigeon. Hope you get it sorted.

  5. James A-S says:

    Puns: Yes, I had noticed that there were various Tweets with punnish aspects.
    Tell me: do you make extremely witty and often hilarious puns during dinner only for your family to look at you with expressions partly of pity and partly of resigned despair?
    Or is that just me?

    I am ashamed to say that I am very bad at Blotanical. I don’t think I have worked out how to use it properly which is very bad as various nice people have bestowed favours upon me. Part of me rebels at the verb “to Fave” but that is a bit silly.

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