Best/worst front garden collection expanded a little

I have been a little too  terse with the best/worst front garden collection.  A bit of explanation is required.  In towns and villages   a front garden is public.  Yes, they go with the house but are shared with the passers by who might lob their rubbish in,  help themselves to the owner’s plants or steal the privacy of the house-dweller.

Driving past in a car, walking the dog, or sitting on the top of a double decker bus are prime times for viewing.  Most are not worth noticing, some are awesome, quirky or just so plain neglected that the occupier gets full marks for insousiance and not giving a damn about the neighbours’ wrath and indignation.  That is what my  rating system is about. (see post of  August 23rd)

And so a quick collage of gardeners in a seaside town not so far from here.  This is a bit of  a cheat really because many people want to retire to the coast to play golf and grow petunias.  Civic pride and freedom from wage slavery make a difference.  For that reason, the rating system is suspended for this post.


  1. Autumn Belle says:

    These scenes exist in my city too. I feel what you feel!

  2. leavesnbloom says:

    I am out walking all the time and I see plenty of neglected ones but now and again there’s one that really gets my attention. I really feel for those folk who have to keep an array of refuse bins of various colours outside their front door – I think I would have to have a fenced area to hide them. I couldn’t possibly have a garden bench beside those.

  3. PatioPatch says:

    Hello Catharine – front gardens say a lot about the occupant but we passers by don’t want a blot on the landscape. Recycling bins are as much a blight as twee trim. Have just posted about frontages in London where they count for everything

    Laura x

  4. Christina says:

    When I was designing gardens in the UK I nearly always tried to make the front garden have lots of winter interest. This works well on several levels. One the client, owner of the garden can enjoy the space when leaving or returning home when maybe they wouldn’t head out into the back garden and it cheers up passers by just when they need it most. Bins etc are a problem in small spaces, it’s very hard to hide them. Christina

  5. That last one is pretty, isn’t it? Always fun to see what the neighbors are up to from across the globe!!

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