A mole

This collage effect is a mole in the dull  shade round the Mere below our castle.  The boot (mine) is in there to show scale.   How do moles (so very small)   manage to throw up such large hills?  They dig like crazy and also make perfect loam.  I wish I knew how to harness these skills.


  1. Pauline says:

    I take it Mr. Mole is dead?! They do move a lot of earth, mainly from under my lawn and plants!! We have improved the soil over the years, the worms move in, followed by Mr. Mole who says thank you very much!

  2. This mole is far from dead – it is hurrying away as fast as it can.

  3. Wow, you captured it well. They scurry away so fast, I don’t think I’m fast enough with the camera shutter. I have voles in my garden, which I guess are slightly smaller and have a different-shaped nose. So far, they haven’t been too much of a problem, but I’m sure they’re doing a lot more damage underground than I realize.

  4. Malc Mollart says:

    Are your boots in the pic made from moleskin leather, I wonder?

    1. Malc I would love to stride around in moleskin boots but alas no.

  5. Phil Brammer says:

    Glad to hear Mr Mole is alive and well. I went to the Gardening Scotland show recently and filmed Jim Carruthers (Scottish Natural Heritage) giving this talk on
    How to not Garden in order to improve biodiversity. It’s hilarious but he makes some very serious points. I haven’t edged my lawn since!

    1. Thank you – love Jim’s eccentric assistants.

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