A conservation artist to watch out for

I want to tell you a little about Lil Tudor-Craig.  She paints pictures that send shivers up the spine.  Not in a scarey sense but  just because she makes you feel that you are not opening your eyes wide enough.  As a conservationist, she is used to looking and seeing the shape of weeds or the smallest insect in a patch of bramble or scruffy meadow ground.

Her technique is two-fold:  first, observation of a quadrat and what is in it over several months.  She must spend hours watching and recording. Botanically and zoologically accurate lists are drawn up.  Then she paints the miniature landscape and occupants with patient accuracy.

Her work is done  on birch plywood treated wtih gesso.  Pure pigment is mixed with egg yolk and layers of luminosity are built up over several months as the paste dries.

The end effect cannot be captured by a camera.  Her paintings are remarkable and just a little bit mesmerising.  A conservation artist to watch out for.