Why you should visit the #Chelsea Flower Show

The television camera is the eye of Sauron.  Key hole surgery down the perianth of plants, peering behind cordoned-off places and practically staring up the nostrils of the horti-stablishment. So why bother to go there  to the Chelsea Flower Show in person? Is the lure the blitzkrieg of celebrity?  The heavy odour in the air…

Terrified Tuesday

can take any shape or form as long as  the subject – or subjects – are vaguely disquieting.  The blobs below shriek for themselves.

The World’s Best Nurseries Series No 2.

I have never been to Avon Bulbs in person.  Once a year in autumn, a parcel arrives with contents looking like an upmarket take-away.  Whispery paper bags with a twist and drizzle of shredded paper. Inside, the  new bulbs, salivated over previously on their stand at Chelsea.  Or in the Avon Bulbs catalogue. The owner,…

Plantaholic Post

Pennisetum massaicum Red Buttons looking seriously good on the Knoll stand at Chelsea Flower Show.  Likes a sunny well drained site and would look great with persicarias and or echinaceas.

Don’t miss these gardens at Chelsea Flower Show

“Lights and Colours of the Alps” grabbed attention in the courtyard section at Chelsea.   Signor Zanzi stepped out from behind his backdrop of mirrors, which set off heaps of smouldering moss to perfection.  The palette was seriously botanic – lifted in inspiration from the Dolomites and plants placed as they would grow in their…