Best and Worst Front Gardens – series 6

Nearly got run over photographing this but I just had to share this front garden. Ratings explained: *        call for a skip **      concrete it over ***     covet it ****   I’d sling my hammock here ***** in my wildest dreams.

Best/worst front gardens – series 4

Too long since the front gardens got scrutinised and now once more, the pull is topiary.   I rate this garden *** as long as I can have the house too – or at least a porch and facade as red bricky as this one: Ratings explained: *         call for a…

Best/worst front gardens – series 3

I rate this garden ***  (largely due to snappily clipped yew) Ratings explained: *       Call for a skip **     Concrete over it ***    Covet it ****  I’d sling my hammock here ***** In my wildest dreams

Best/worst front garden collection expanded a little

I have been a little too  terse with the best/worst front garden collection.  A bit of explanation is required.  In towns and villages   a front garden is public.  Yes, they go with the house but are shared with the passers by who might lob their rubbish in,  help themselves to the owner’s plants or…

Best/worst front gardens

I rate this garden **** Starred listings explained:      1.  Call for a skip/    2.  Concrete over it/  3.  Covet it/   4.  I’d sling my hammock here/  5.  In my wildest dreams.