No camera? No excuse for bad website pics.

This is a blog post about pulling  my socks up.  I must have one of the worst websites around – a sort of Mickey-mouse-pasted-together affair.  A friend looked at it a few weeks ago and was polite enough not to shudder.  However she offered a swap of planting design for techi sharpening up.

I was very glad.  “Photos” she said, “You must have photos”.  I knew this was a weak point but today trawled through what was there in the right bit of my computer.  It was not encouraging :  just a collection of pictures conveying  simply nothing:

What use is this photo other than to tell you that the steps need mending?  But it does have some vague aesthetic appeal.  As for the next one, what have we here? Rose  revenge or a memory of a motorway junction.  It goes like this:  dozens of shots are taken for the garden survey.  Living in fear of measurements or memory going askew, I take  far too many photos.  That is fine in itself but it will never give potential customers an exciting sup of design and planting prospects.   I am mending my ways, remembering to take a picture when plants are installed.  But you know, that is not much better either other than proof that someone has been there.

As you can see, there is nothing at all to look at here.   The  vow is made, this summer last year’s projects will get a visit and the camera will have to get busy.  One of the top photographic tips for plant and garden shots is to shoot before the dew dries.  Now I understand past failure.  Shall I go and sneak about in rose bushes at dawn?  Maybe.