More of these wild and woolly gardens

It is really a write-on from my post of August 7th about the serendipity of visiting two gardens back to back that are in wild contrast.  I just love it when this happens as it is food for thought about what appeals and what style or mood we might want to cultivate in our own garden.  So here is Villa Cetinale, seat of the Lambton family.  Clipped and manicured:

with an axis that runs from a Hermitage perched up on the hill, right through the house to a statue of Hercules at the bottom.

There are strong verticals:

and as you would expect from an English family – a very English flower garden with legions of irises and roses dripping with blooms:

Ten minutes away is Castello di Celsa:

It is wild and raggedy and just a little unkempt.  I love this – less drilled-to-perfection box here.  Instead some unruly hedges:

That lead to a formal terrace and pond – an area that is seriously under-gardened to the benefit of a rich carpet of wild flowers – orchids and flowering thymes amonst the mix.  I think less perfection has more charm.


  1. Pauline says:

    Love the wild flowers contrasting with the topiary, so pretty.

  2. Garden Art says:

    Hi Catherine, great blog and I really enjoyed these photos. Yes, I love the slightly unkempt look too…far more interesting. Like the difference between dreadlocks and a short back and sides:-)

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