Monochrome zone: a black and white walk round my village today

A Black and White walk round my village today.

I just love it that a in a stride about outside  all bright shades have been erased and noise is muffled and bleached out. Snow glare has sapped  tone and hue from the palette and turned the gaze over to sharp silhouettes.


  1. Diana Studer says:

    you have some serious weather!

  2. Catherine says:

    How beautiful and how magically expressed in words too, nice to meet you and thanks for your visits to my blog:~))

  3. Stunning pictures, wonderful how the important bits stand out in monochrome! This is when we find if the structure of our gardens is correct! Love the last photo with the railings, the windows and the tree, beautiful!

  4. I do love the way that snow outlines and exagerates the shape of trees amd buildings. Great shots, our snow has all disappeared again.

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