Meadow Sweet: how nature heals itself

A friend of mine invited me to go and look at her hedges, latent woodland and wildflower pastures. 14 years ago she and her husband bought a large Essex field with pylons marching across the horizon, just beyond their far boundary.  All around are fields blitzed by chemicals and drilled to agricultural precision with waving…

A few vegetable images from the #Camino de Santiago

Cross the Pyrenees from St Jean Pied de Port at this time of the year and you risk walking in cloud drip, senses brought into focus by the tocking of cow bells.  If you are on the Camino to Santiago, hurry for the Atlantic squalls have settled on green Galicia.

#Terrified Tuesday

so befuddled by this that I am a day late.  Out of kilter and nuclear wasted.

Monochrome zone: a black and white walk round my village today

A Black and White walk round my village today. I just love it that a in a stride about outside  all bright shades have been erased and noise is muffled and bleached out. Snow glare has sapped  tone and hue from the palette and turned the gaze over to sharp silhouettes.

So, David Hockney it is over, but not quite.

Thousands of us  stood and jostled  in the grand rooms up the stair of the Royal Academy to see the rendering of our countryside by David Hockney.  And returned home with eyes on stalks to stare at our surrounding woods and fields.  To look at them anew without the mind overpowering  the senses.  I have…

Doing it with vegetables: a bit of a rant on the part of garden designers

The non glossy but very cool Garden Design Journal often has a thought provoking contribution from Tim Richardson. His latest, for September,  will raise a show of hands from garden designers who do not belong to the  BGP. (Big Gun Posse) As one of those types of designer – ie the slightly disgruntled second division…