Best/worst front gardens – series 4

Too long since the front gardens got scrutinised and now once more, the pull is topiary.   I rate this garden *** as long as I can have the house too – or at least a porch and facade as red bricky as this one:

Ratings explained:

*         call for a skip

**       concrete over it

***     covet it

****   I’d sling my hammock here

***** in my wildest dreams



  1. I think I can agree with that, very elegant, very stylish!

  2. Holleygarden says:

    Perfect rating. Topiary has always intrigued me. I’ve also wondered about the number of hours it must take to keep it perfect.

  3. Malc Mollart says:

    Nice restrained use of topiary. I am not impressed when there is a crowd of it.

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