Aaieeeeee – the paparazzi are here

TT is for  Territorial Army, touch your toes and Terrified Tuesday.  I have decided to keep a photo-diary of  things that induce uneasiness.   This above all has been sitting on my desktop making me  want to dive into the kneehole beneath. I saw this  grouping of beclawed banshees at the Cass Foundation, down in Sussex near Goodwood.  It was a while back and the artist’s name has got lost in a mist of time. ………if anyone knows it………….

It makes a brilliant point.  The flip side is that the non-entity comes out on top.  Who would be peered at like this?


  1. Tom says:

    Agree totally on the uneasiness! These things look like a childhood dream (nightmare). Not sure we’d want them peaking through the foliage while trying to relax in the garden! Very nice execution though…

  2. Not recommended for paranoid persons – ‘beclawed banshees’ is a brilliant name.

  3. malc mollart says:

    Strangely uneasy as you say. Also oddly amusing.

  4. That is truly disturbing, but very clever too. What does it say about me that I like it?!

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