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Go and Sow

with these 10 Top Tips

Posted by Catharine on April 14th 2020

I have vowed that this is the year when I will make my garden dance.   It is a silver lining to have time and I would like to share what I know with you.

1.  The sowing wheel is brilliant it tells you when you can sow, depth of planting seeds and spaces between rows of vegetables.  Buy one if you can.

2.   Cleanly cut open seed packets so that you can pinch the paper together to make a sowing spout to trickle the seeds out of.

3.  Sow sparingly as you don’t want too many seeds fighting to germinate or a tedious oversupply of vegetables all at once.

4.  The secret is to sow little and often – say once a month to give continuity of supply.  

5.  Set aside a time about once a month at this time of the year to get totally absorbed in sowing. Its slow but meditative work.

6..  Label the pots with the varieties and don’t forget to put the date on as well.

7.  Keep the moisture in – this is one of the big challenges.  I tend to cover pots with plastic lids – glass, bubble wrap all will do.

8.  Look out like a hawk for germination – you may have to move seedlings out of fierce sunlight (Ive just killed dill seedlings with too much sun)  – improvise some form of shading.  Newspaper is very useful.

9.  Be calm about pricking the plants out do this at a cool time of the day and really make sure the tiny plants are out of drafts and the fierce sun.

10.  Acclimatise plants before putting them out into the garden.  There is a good reason why Plant Nurseries are called that. 

Go and Sow