Do ‘water features’ set your teeth on edge?

    Musings in our house  have turned to the magical quality of  water, to where  to put it in the garden and what the influences and inspiration might be.    I will walk you round the history and psychology of water in the landscape, but for starters,  I am giving rosettes for my three…

The Best Walled Garden in the World is in Suffolk

This  year walled garden curiosity has quietly gripped me.  It started on the Isle of Mull in a squall, taking refuge behind the mossy stone of a 4 acre walled garden.  The kind climate of the Gulf Stream had allowed the rarest of shrubs and trees to flourish.  Back in Suffolk, a walk  through sandy…

Meadow Sweet: how nature heals itself

A friend of mine invited me to go and look at her hedges, latent woodland and wildflower pastures. 14 years ago she and her husband bought a large Essex field with pylons marching across the horizon, just beyond their far boundary.  All around are fields blitzed by chemicals and drilled to agricultural precision with waving…

A few vegetable images from the #Camino de Santiago

Cross the Pyrenees from St Jean Pied de Port at this time of the year and you risk walking in cloud drip, senses brought into focus by the tocking of cow bells.  If you are on the Camino to Santiago, hurry for the Atlantic squalls have settled on green Galicia.

Guisachan: a rare old place in the Highlands

The wonder of Guisachan lies in the stone husk of a large house set in  mature parkland.  Mighty specimens of wellingtonia, beeches and limes pepper the fat valley.  The horse chestnuts are free of leaf miners and a heavy crop of lichen

The Highlands of Scotland: Glen Strathfarrar

Glen Strathfarrar is in the Highlands of Scotland, 20 miles west of Inverness.  The road into the glen is private – with a heavily padlocked gate.  To take a vehicle in, visitors need a permit from the gatekeeper’shouse.

#Terrified Tuesday

so befuddled by this that I am a day late.  Out of kilter and nuclear wasted.

The Staverton oaks of Suffolk

In this place there are thousands of ancient oaks.  Old and hoary and with trunks that look like agonised faces dissolving in lava.  Many are dieing on their feet.  They are like Indian elephants – domesticated that is and  planted as a  deer park 700 years ago by the local monks.  Pollarded tops gave them…