A visit to Bury Court to see planting by Oudolf and Bradley Hole

I can never make my mind up whether it is best to thoroughly research a garden before visiting first-time round, clued up and laden with information.  A good tactic but equally so is a full dive in without the background history.  This  can give a more sincere response to site, planting and atmosphere. Over the…

Why I did not visit Jupiter Artland

Visitors to the  Edinburgh Festival and its cuckoo offspring, the Fringe, will find themselves beetling about from venue to venue in a mad rush to fit everything in.  In the frantic scurry-about, wearing down shoe-leather, the beauty of Edinburgh’s setting and architecture seeps into the soul. This year we decided to take in landscapes as…

A Trip to East Ruston Old Vicarage Gardens

These gardens have become a bit of a pilgrimage site.  Particularly for those of us who live in the East.  There simply are not many substantial gardens in these parts.  Not the first time I have visited, but a week or two back, I treated myself and two others to the  Full Monty Alan Grey…

R is for La Ragnaia

Una ragnaia is a small wood for trapping birds – no doubt as a dinner-party delicacy.  Craig Sheppard’s magical garden La Ragnaia in San Givanni d’Asso is anything but a bird-trapping domain.  He gardens carefully, in harmony with nature and and the sprites and goods in his wood and field.

G is for ghastly

In  1458 Piccolomini set about the construction of a small  town but he was  called to Rome to become Pius II and the job never got finished.  Nethertheless Pienza is an absolute gem of a  Renaissance town. Perched on a hill top and garlanded with churches and piazzettas.

F is for Ian Hamilton Finlay

If you read a review of “Letters from IHF to to Stephen Bann”  which appeared in December 4th’s London Review of Books, you will learn that he was agrophobic, foul-mouthed and one to raise a mallet to his friendships, notably his best man Hugh MacDiarmid (described as the poineer of synthetic Scots).

B is for Brian

Garden guides can be brilliant or so annoying that you want to rattle your teeth and burst into tears.  Brian,  I am happy to tell you, is my nominee for guide of the year award.  Tucked away up a remote valley in Umbria due south of Lake Trasimeno is the weird and wonderful architectural fantasy…

A is for anonymous

This summer I  visited a garden in England that was designed by the elusive Pascal Cribier.  After an exchange of letters I was given permission to have a look but not to write about it and flaunt photographs.  So here are two anywhere pictures that respect the privacy sentiment.

Jardin d’Epi Cure – jardin de soin

I’m struggling a bit – my  french doesn’t go beyond ordering a cuppa  and Wiki translation is not helping.  I’m leafing through a document that is headed:  “La Maison des Aulnes, residence d’accueil pour personnes cerebrolesees”.    The computer throws up nonsense in translation.  The gist is obvious so, tear up the paperwork, and let…