Q is for Quercus ilex tunnels

Seen here at Villa Cetinale, near Siena.  The evergreen oak can be oppressive in its matt evergreen livery.  In the hot high light of the south the long tunnels make a cool refuge from the sharp sun.  The shadows fissure, spangle and dance. Please do follow us!

O is for Piet Oudolf

Piet Oudolf is the maestro of perennial planting.    Aged 71 but he is still working – both designing and teaching.  He continues to innovate and  bring in change – there is nothing static about his plant palette.  The photo below is his garden.  The fantastic white spires are of   Actaea Queen of Sheba….

Top boar of the year

by Sheppard Craige’s wife.  At Il Bosco della Ragnaia. Please do follow us!

Aspirational corner: mainly things I want but have no room for Mark 4

Perhaps I am getting steadily more greedy.  Time, on the other hand, could be galloping faster and faster like a runaway bull.  The long and short of it is that this time I am posting four things I want in my virtual and infinite Aspirational Corner.    First, tunnels of evergreen oak, Quercus ilex as…

Peacocks on my walls

I would, for choice, have peacocks on my walls – as they do at Rousham Park, Oxfordshire. Please do follow us!

Randoming can be done on the top of a bus: collecting garden inspiration

Randoming is what I call going about the place collecting ideas and quirks for the  garden – mine or for customers, come to that.    Small anywhere camera has made this  easy and this summer has harvested some inspiration that I will definitely use. Here are 4 of them: Please do follow us!

Why the gorilla?

It is always at the Chelsea Flower Show but it’s easy to ignore it. The stalls that pin themselves round the Show Gardens and in the folds of the Great Tent are pop up shops.  Amongst the forest of teak benches and at either end of the spectrum there are some incredible things to look…