A Potager of sorts

 At the entrance to our garden there is a courtyard.  In it a  raised  square flowerbed edged in green oak.  The design reason was to cut down on the square meters of bricks that we laid out in the garden as pathways and to provide a sunny terrace.

Collaborative planting in Hove

I went to Hove to look at a garden – the owner and I are doing a collaborative planting. This means tempering desire with the practical. There used to be a time when I would heave heavy tomes round under my arm to show off planty pics. Hurray for the internet which lets us pull…

Best and Worst Front Gardens – series 6

Nearly got run over photographing this but I just had to share this front garden. Ratings explained: *        call for a skip **      concrete it over ***     covet it ****   I’d sling my hammock here ***** in my wildest dreams.

The questionable matter of choice in choosing the right plant

Last weekend an old friend came to stay.  We talked about garden design and his question was “don’t you have too much choice?”.  My  firm principle is to work with what is there.  Most of my customers have large country gardens which may have gone awry.   Beneath the quick revenge that nature takes, there…