More of these wild and woolly gardens

It is really a write-on from my post of August 7th about the serendipity of visiting two gardens back to back that are in wild contrast.  I just love it when this happens as it is food for thought about what appeals and what style or mood we might want to cultivate in our own…

A Bad Day in the garden

The hurricane is here.  It  has knocked down the bean tipi, smitten the amaranthus which are flaying their beards all over the place.  Time to retreat to the greenhouse.  No solace in there. The tomato plants  have gone crazy and limbered all over the cucumbers.  I could hardly get through the door.  The cucumbers in…

Garden visits – the wild and woolly way

A couple of times a year, I put together a list of gardens and a bunch of us pile into a mini-bus and drive off to visit them.  Planning blind,  the aim is to visit two back to back for contrast in a day.  And when we get the contast, it is beautiful.  Take this…

That orange hunch was right

– just look at this: I can’t tell you were saw this or I will get my arms chewed off.  It’s just enough to say that Pascal Cribier was involved in the planting and the garden is remorselessly orange. Please do follow us!

Go away at your peril

in the summer and you will return to rampaging jungle syndrome.  I had just got it under control – the garden, that is.  Breathed a sigh of relief at the fair degree of man over nature, and went away for 6 days.  Big mistake.  Brambles and nettles have gone into overdrive. Please do follow us!