Halloween Horror

No, this is not a camel with 16 heads.  It is a plane tree in St Jean Pied de Port.  Why has it been pollarded way before leaf fall? Please do follow us!

The hen and rooster Miracle

Santo Domingo de la Calzado had a hard time of it.  He applied to become a monk but two holy orders  turned him down.  Instead  he became a hermit and devoted himself to helping pilgrims on the way to Santiago.  The original causeway over the rocky torrents of the Oja river was built by him. …

A few vegetable images from the #Camino de Santiago

Cross the Pyrenees from St Jean Pied de Port at this time of the year and you risk walking in cloud drip, senses brought into focus by the tocking of cow bells.  If you are on the Camino to Santiago, hurry for the Atlantic squalls have settled on green Galicia. Please do follow us!

Plantaholic Post: A Sweet pea for Show and Tell

I have been badgering Tony for the name of this sweet pea all summer and now, October in, he tells me.  It is called April in Paris.  It is exquisite white with feint purple tracings.  It has flowered and flowered and not done the usual pea thing of shrinking in flower size and stem length…

Looking down on this dahlia?

It is Dahlia cactus Orfeo pictured here  with  Pennisetum setaceum Rubrum. This past May I got dahlia  tubers from de Jagar Bulbs and grew them on in pots to pop into vacant ground to bouff up a garden for a September wedding.   With the squirrely grass, rescue came to a difficult  yellow wall in the…