Peacocks on my walls

I would, for choice, have peacocks on my walls – as they do at Rousham Park, Oxfordshire. Please do follow us!

Master Composters – making compost the new brown

My new volunteering  role  is  Master Composter.  So what is exactly is that?  Master Composters are trained by Garden Organic and then unleashed by their local councils to go and tell people about making compost. Why would you want to do that?  We stood in an industrial sized shed watching the green waste lorries back…

Dahlia Amazia at Rousham

Jaw dropping, pulse-raising, spectacle-removing dahlia border at Rousham Park, Oxfordshire. Please do follow us!

Butternut Squash trounces rivals

No – this is not a marrow.  It is  wrinkled butternut squash AKA zucca rugosa grown from a packet from Franchi Seeds.  Jade coloured, thick skinned and said to be tasty beyond compare.  Here is one sitting in my allotment  beside the usual ones that wear American tan tights. I sowed and planted out four…

Roses move over: time for the New Planting

Most gardening books  make me yawn.  Soft focus, flowery pictures spinning fantasy – the veritable stuff to clutter a coffee table.    “Planting: A New Perspective”  by Piet Oudolf and Noel Kingsbury is off the Richter scale of such publications.  It is a serious, wordy read. Please do follow us!

Randoming can be done on the top of a bus: collecting garden inspiration

Randoming is what I call going about the place collecting ideas and quirks for the  garden – mine or for customers, come to that.    Small anywhere camera has made this  easy and this summer has harvested some inspiration that I will definitely use. Here are 4 of them: Please do follow us!