Get that goat

Holiday Time and I am off to find this goat in Syria.  Or the friends of this goat. Please do follow us!

Ambassador of autumn

Just when you had had it  with green, autumn brings on the other colours.  Senescence or the ageing process in a plant exposes the pigments that cohabit with the dominant green chlorophyll.  The big leaves of the ornamental vine Vitis cognetiae show it clearly, shattering into yellowred mosaic. The other candidates for dramatic change are…

Playing with scale

There is a walk round here that I go on nearly every day.  The landscape is pretty spacious and empty.  We are in Suffolk which is the county of the large skies.  It is what you get with flat ground. London is not much over an hour away by train but this is the empty…

Pattern of the DAY

Eighteenth century looking glass with embedded lenses. Please do follow us!

Astonishing yellow to ward off Chicken licken skies

Rudbeckia fulgida, from the Asteraceae family and a familiar sight in a prairie planting, is a plant that you can hurry past.    Under low autumn skies however,  it shines and becomes a mood-lifting plant. Please do follow us!

The World’s Best Nurseries Series No 2.

I have never been to Avon Bulbs in person.  Once a year in autumn, a parcel arrives with contents looking like an upmarket take-away.  Whispery paper bags with a twist and drizzle of shredded paper. Inside, the  new bulbs, salivated over previously on their stand at Chelsea.  Or in the Avon Bulbs catalogue. The owner,…

Soil rescue in the vegetable patch

Our vegetable harvest has been pretty much a complete flop.  We have giant pale marrows.  Watery and with skins like toenails.  Tomatoes tasting of fish and who wants new potatoes in September?   All due to inattention to sowing times and now, nothing to look forward to but maudlin runner beans and leeks this winter….

Plantaholic Post

Sanguisorba officinalis Arnhem is tall and see-through so that you can peer out from behind  a clump as if looking  through a gauzy curtain.  It likes difficult clay soils and  spreads surely but not  in a thuggish manner.    It doesn’t need staking and adds colour through late summer into autumn with blood red flower-heads….

Weeds that deceive by lovely looks

Neither  a  slate platter of sushi or  a  weed salad. I had spent half a day in the vegetable plot.  To get the better of those just-too-large-to-hoe weed seedlings.  After what seemed like a whole embroidery lesson of concentration,  I knew them intimately. And  began to hate them for their tenacity.  Time to take their…

Pattern of the DAY

The lovely phyllotaxy of the nettle.  Leaves are arranged in opposite pairs to catch maximum sunlight. Please do follow us!