Best/worst front gardens

I rate this garden **** Starred listings explained:      1.  Call for a skip/    2.  Concrete over it/  3.  Covet it/   4.  I’d sling my hammock here/  5.  In my wildest dreams. Please do follow us!

Ancestor Worship starts with Mordecai Cubitt Cooke

We’d made a plan to go and look at some graves.  A little  eccentric perhaps.  But in the spirit of humoring the quirks of  others,  I went along with it.    It was my mother’s firm wish to visit the place that her father’s family had come from. And so we went to Norfolk. and…

Ignoring yesterday’s mushroom

The meadows below our house are sprouting field mushrooms.  The formula is correct – cows and cowpats rotate with fairly marshy fields left fallow when the cattle are not there.  Add to this the recent weather, where drops of rain hang like suspended beads.  Bingo:   an early crop of mushrooms.  Autumn alas, is here….

Plantaholic Post

Pelargonium Leslie William Burrows.  Make no mistake, absolutely nothing to do with ‘Naked Lunch’. Please do follow us!

The World’s Best Nurseries Series: No 1.

Whenever I go plant shopping, lingering time is built in.  The notebook, pencil and camera tag along.  There is nothing quite like a good nursery to give ideas for planting combinations. Or to offer up a completely new herbaceous ingredient.   Experimental candidates in pots make it into the car boot to take home and…

Top Ten Tips for drought in the garden

August is a time for frazzled lawns, thistledown parachutes and gaps in the flower-beds.  In the East of England, drought usually kicks in.  Here is a handy list of how to combat that drat drought weather.  As ever, the way is to work with nature. Get your soil right.  This winter incorporate humus rich material…

Black List

What is it with the Bishops?  There is a run on ecclesiastical dahlia naming.  We have got the Bishop of Llandaff in two flowerbeds and the sister in law has just had Bishop of Auckland foisted on her.  Could it be something to do with cassock colours? Anyway, the point of singling out black as…

Pattern of the DAY

Bare wattles, unplastered,  on Sussex barn.  Exposing the bones of a timber-framed building. Please do follow us!