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an intimate look at the stem of the monkey puzzle. Why exactly was the monkey puzzled? Please do follow us!

Chelsea antya just sick of it? Let’s talk rhododendrons..

On Sunday went to Exbury Gardens  on the Beaulieu River, Hampshire.  It was at its rhody best.   Lionel Nathaniel Rothschild bought the estate in 1919 and imbued with plant fever, set about planting like crazy.   The likes of Frank Kingdon Ward and George Forrest were sailing into Tilbury Docks with seeds and specimens…

Plantaholic Post

Pennisetum massaicum Red Buttons looking seriously good on the Knoll stand at Chelsea Flower Show.  Likes a sunny well drained site and would look great with persicarias and or echinaceas. Please do follow us!

Don’t miss these gardens at Chelsea Flower Show

“Lights and Colours of the Alps” grabbed attention in the courtyard section at Chelsea.   Signor Zanzi stepped out from behind his backdrop of mirrors, which set off heaps of smouldering moss to perfection.  The palette was seriously botanic – lifted in inspiration from the Dolomites and plants placed as they would grow in their…

Oh no a surfeit of church rooves AND insomnia

but the upside of not being in bed asleep is that  I can grab the moment of slack to post this image, taken 12 days ago, of the the high art of  old shrub rose training.  Carried out to perfection and  executed at Sissinghurst (where else?).  Rosa Ispahan, a damask rose,  captured on camera newly…

Pattern of the DAY

Scissor-braced, seven-canted roof constructed round about 1330 at Westhall church, Suffolk. Please do follow us!

An unusual way to wean a pup

but the formula works.  Take a three day walk out of your door and into the landscape.  The dog goes too.  Leave the puppy behind in good hands. This is the east coast of England – it is falling into the sea, quite literally and makes small wave and local newspaper headlines on a regular…