Stalking my Cottage Garden

The cottage garden is just that  – a bit of everything from vegetables, to dahlias through ponds and roses.  It is an undesigned sort of place,  but practical can be beautiful.  I have been on the hunt for one to visit and photograph  so that the gardening chores  can become a monthly subject.   Accompanied…

Marauding chickens

I met Lyn for the first time a week or two back.  She was standing in Woodbridge’s Market Square and literally wringing her hands about the neighbour’s chickens.  She had taken down a fence to expose the country view and the poultry, from next door’s small holding had taken to swarming over her garden, pecking,…

Pattern of the DAY

Part of the  13th century Cosmati pavement in San Crisogono, Trastevere, Rome Please do follow us!

Plantaholic Post

Tulupa Antraciet, a double late flowering tulip, is in flower right now.  It looks particularly fine in lead planters, or surrounded by a slate mulch or, as in this garden, planted in clumps through mounds of cranesbills.  Repeat it over again in groups of 15 to 20 bulbs and keep bright colours at a distance….

Celebrity pin-up of the Month

WHO?  Dan Pearson WHY?  Because he is articulate, a  top notch plantsman and  good looking too.  He walks quietly through the landscape and takes what he sees in nature as the inspiration for his garden making. Please do follow us!

I have to tell you a little bit more

about Okenhill Hall, near the castled town of Framlingham.  Well, the oracle – Nikolaus Pevsner – in “The Buildings of England” – Suffolk volume –  is dustily dry:   ” with a stepped gable and dated 1552.  Two polygonal angle buttresses with polygonal finials.  (are you still with me?) Two windows with pediments, resting however…

Pattern of the DAY

A swatch of magnificent Tudor brickwork at Okenhill Hall – this is where I went today instead of tending and tilling the vegetable  plot. The house is fabulous – apparantly in the Domesday book, the garden and woods tasteful and superb and the sandwiches and cakes, the stuff of dreams. Please do follow us!

Travelling about Suffolk on a sunny, sunny Friday

Yesterday was balmy – sunlight and blossom and the unfurling of new leaves.   I met my friend Georgina for a walk down in the Stour valley by the clear waters of the River Box.  We parked  up beside a dour bearded man launching a coracle with magpie lurcher on a lead.  Climbing the hill…

Pattern of the DAY

Has to be this trunk spotted in Botanic Gardens, Rome Please do follow us!

That proves it

DON’T do what I did and choose your flowers from the pictures in the catalogue.  The colours will be totally wrong, the scale misleading and you get a frozen snap-shot of a fragment of time.  I have landed up with 3 large pots full of outlandish hard yellow and red tulips that even look  …